CoronaMassKB is an open-data community resource for sharing of mass spectrometry data and (re)analysis results for all experiments pertinent to the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. CoronaMassKB is designed for the rapid exchange of data and results among the global community of scientists working towards understanding the biology of SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 and thus accelerating the emergence of effective responses to this global pandemic.

CoronaMassKB is primarily designed for supporting sharing of proteomics, metabolomics and natural products data, but it also partially supports sharing of mass spectrometry data for other types of data (e.g., glycomics). In addition, CoronaMassKB also provides free access to online MassIVE/GNPS data analysis workflows integrating state-of-the-art algorithms for automated interpretation of mass spectrometry data.

While CoronaMassKB supports both private and public research projects, we strongly encourage all participants to openly share their data/results in public datasets and dataset reanalyses. Credit must be given where credit is due (citations are required for all data and results used in any publication) but a global pandemic requires a global response from a community of experts working together towards a global solution.

We are also organizing a collaborative effort to make sense of this data as a community with that effort visible here. Please feel free to contribute any downstream analysis, figures, and text as well.