After you've successfully reanalyzed public data from MassIVE, share your findings with the community by attaching your results (quantification and statistical analysis result) back to the dataset.

If you reanalyzed a MassIVE dataset's spectrum files and their quantification using offline analysis tools (such as Skyline, MaxQuant, Proteome Discoverer, Spectronaut for data processing and R packages, Perseus for statistical analysis), then you can attach those results to the original dataset, as a reanalysis.

Note: If you submit new datasets, check submit a new dataset to MassIVE and follow this documentation for submitting quantification and statistical analysis result.

There are two steps to submit your reanalysis to the datasets.

  1. Upload your data files to the MassIVE web server.
  2. Run Add Reanalysis workflow on those files.

Let's start Step 1: Upload Data.