Each dataset has its page. Here is the example of one dataset, MSV000079843.

Dataset page

If you know the dataset MSV ID or PXD ID, such as MSV000079843 or PXD015300, you can search in the main MassIVE webpage.


It shows the title that the submitter provided in the MassIVE dataset Submission workflow. For this dataset, 'iPRG2015'.


It shows the description that the submitter wrote in the MassIVE dataset Submission workflow.


It shows the contact information about the owner or submitter of this dataset.


It shows the publication related to this dataset. The publication includes all the details associated with this dataset.

Dataset Reanalyses

At the bottom of this page, there is the table to show the list of reanalyses in this dataset. For this example, there are 3 containers and 51 reanalyses available in this dataset. Each container and reanalysis has their RMSV ID. If you click any RMSV ID, you will move to the webpage for specific RMSV.

Summary table for this dataset

There is the summary box on the left of this page. It shows the simple summary of experimental design, identification result, and quantification/statistical analysis for this dataset.

Button : FTP Download

All the submitted files in the reanalysis are available for downloading from FTP. See here for detailed instructions on how to download the files in any category.