Search Identifications

Start searching MassIVE identifications by clicking the search icon on the MassIVE home page:


You will then see a search interface with five query fields at the top:


Enter terms into these query fields to refine your search. Or leave them empty to search all of MassIVE.

The more of these fields you fill out, the more your search results will be narrowed, since all of the terms you enter will be applied simultaneously to the query.

When you are ready to search, click one of the seven query buttons:


Example query: PSMs from dataset MSV000079852 (“CPTAC, TCGA Cancer Proteome Study of Colorectal Tissue”) with deamidated (UNIMOD:7) peptide sequence NWQDYGVR matched to protein sp|Q8WU39|MZB1_HUMAN (“Marginal zone B- and B1-cell-specific protein”)