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Welcome to ReDU (Reanalysis of Data User Interface)

"What is ReDU?"

Finding and reusing data is hard. ReDU aims to make that easier. ReDU is a community-minded approach to find and reuse public data containing tandem MS data at the repository scale. ReDU is the bridge between the Global Natural Product Social Molecular Networking Analysis Platform (GNPS) and MassIVE, a public data repository for mass spectrometry data. The key to making this work is a systemic way of capturing basic information about each file contributed to ReDU (i.e. sample information aka metadata). Using the sample information, users can select public data for re-analysis in GNPS or provide their own data along with public data to perform co-analysis. Our aim is to empower researchers to put their data in the context of public data as well as explore questions using public data at the repository scale.


How do I contribute to ReDU?

This is a community effort and everyone is encouraged to participate by submitting their own data and sample information instructions. The sharing of new applications (and code) which use ReDU is highly encouraged.

Additional Information

Data and Code Availability

  • All data can be downloaded from MassIVE
  • All sample information can be downloaded from the ReDU-MS2 homepage by clicking "Download Database".
  • The ReDU identification database is publicly available and accessible via (GNPS), MSV000084206.
  • Code for ReDU can be found on GitHub - link here

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Issues and Suggestions

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