GNPS File Upload

To upload files to GNPS for analysis, the preferred method is to use an FTP client. This provides a robust and batch manner to upload many files. The one big downside is that you have to have to install an FTP client if you don't already have one. We offer as an alternative an online browser drag and drop that is limited to small files.

FTP Batch File Uploads

Please checkout our Legacy Documentation on how to upload files via FTP. This requires you to have already created a GNPS account. If you have not yet done so please follow these instructions.

Browser File Uploads

To upload files to GNPS using the browser (limited to 20MB), you can use our web drag and drop uploader.

This is not the recommended manner to upload files, but if you're in a hurry, we can't fault you.

Located under the upload tab


To select the folder to upload files into, click on a single folder in the file structure tree.


Now drag and drop your files into the Drag and Drop area to upload.