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If you would like to host a GNPS workshop together with the GNPS team, please reach out to Ming to organize the logistics!

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If you would like to organize your own GNPS workshop to train new users, try getting started with our standard training modules. If you would like more advanced materials, please reach out to Ming and we'd be happy to help you. For promotional materials check out our logo page.

GNPS Training Tutorial Modules

We have standard training tutorial modules on GNPS. Check it out here:

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Previous Workshops

Venue Description Dates Material
UFMT Brazil VI Workshop Etnofarmacologia - Use of the GNPS platform Nov 18 - 28 2019
MIT Molecular Networking with MZmine and GNPS Dec 5 2019 -----
ASP 2019 GNPS Beginner/Advanced Workshop (3h) July 2019 Download
RFMF2019, France GNPS Beginner Workshop (4h) May 20 TBA
Metabolomics 2019 GNPS Beginner Workshop (2h) June 22 Download
Prague GNPS Workshop (4h) June 28 TBA
NPS2019 - Symposia of Natural Products Natural Product Dereplication using GNPS Feb 5, 2019 Coming Soon!
CCMS School - Natural Product Training GNPS, Molecular Networking, Library Search, Quantitative Analysis, NP Database Search, De novo cyclopeptide sequencing Dec 12/13 2018 Download
EMSC Workshop 2018 This short course is aimed at explaining how to use the METASPACE and GNPS platforms for large scale data analysis in mass spectrometry (MS) based metabolomics experiments March 11, 2018 Download
GNPS workshop in Grahamstown, South Africa (Rhodes University) GNPS introduction with Molecular Networking November 14, 2018 N/A
ASP 2018 GNPS Introduction, Molecular Networking - Natural Product Discovery in bacterial extraction, `ili 3D cartography, MetBLAST - leveraging public datasets July 2018 Download
Metabolomics 2018 GNPS Introduction, Molecular Networking - Food Analysis, `ili 3D cartography of plants, MS2LDA July 2018 Coming Soon