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Join the GNPS community

The GNPS community is always welcoming suggestions and contributions. Be part of the community and contribute!

GitHub Repositories

Your are kindly invited to open "issues" on our GitHub repositories, and propose changes to our Documentation and Workflows. We are also welcoming direct pull request on the respective repository.

GNPS_Documentation GitHub respository that points to the documentation website (

GNPS_Workflows GitHub repository that contains the workflows available on GNPS (

GNPS Forum

Discussions and suggestions can also take place on the GNPS forum at!forum/molecular_networking_bug_reports.

Updating the GNPS Documentation (Quick)

We'd love for the community to add, edit, and improve the documentation so it'll be even more helpful for everyone. You can even see all the contributors for each page at the bottom, so it's totally a community effort. To make things simpler, here is the step by step on how to edit the documentation.

Make a GitHub Account

You'll need to make a GitHub Account.

Click Edit Button on Page You Want to Edit

Fork the Repository When Prompted (only the first time)

Make the Edits in MarkDown

Propose Changes

Please describe the change you are making.

Create Pull Request

Finalize Pull Request with Description

Page Contributors

Ming Wang (90.0%), lfnothias (10.0%)

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